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When choosing an auto glass shop in Austin TX it is important to know if they can calibrate your ADAS after they replace your windshield. We want you to know that Carpe Diem Glass in Round Rock keeps up with all of the latest windshield and auto glass technology. Avoid having to go back to the dealership to calibrate your ADAS. Carpe Diem glass can replace your windshield and calibrate your ADAS all in one shot!

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Important ADAS facts

What is ADAS?

ADAS is an acronym that stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,and refers to any automated assistance system installed to assist the driver while operating the vehicle.

What are some examples of ADAS?

ADAS examples include blind spot detection sensors, rain sensing wipers and automatic headlights.

Why do I need ADAS calibration?

It is important to have your ADAS calibrated after a windshield replacement to ensure your car is working properly, effectively, and safely. ADAS cameras and sensors that are not properly calibrated to factory standards will not perform as intended putting your safety at risk. These system are designed to make driving easier and safer, so let Carpe Diem Glass calibrate your ADAS today!

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